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I was born in I lived in Manteca CA. In the 50's and 60's Highway was called the "Gateway to Yosemite".

As such Chatroulette couple from Kaneohe Hawaii family and relatives made many trips to Yosemite. We always had a campsite in the valley on the Merced river.

The fire fall was a great ending to a spectacular day Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants swimming and rafting on the river and exploring the "Indian Caves". I will never forget the spectacular fire fall that we saw every night as we sat around the campfire. It was amazing that you could actually here the person on Glacier point call back to Camp Curry. I remember watching the fire fall and hearing America the Beautiful being played over speakers in Curry village.


The entire park was silent prior to and during the fire fall. This was one of the greatest memories for kids who th up in the 50's and 60's.

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A hiker had fallen earlier in the day and broke his leg. He was on a ledge right under where the firefall would have taken place. The firewall was postponed that evening. All night we could hear the hiker calling out in pain for help. Do you have any information on this? I saw the Firefall for eMridian nights in July, while on a trip to Yosemite between my Junior and Senior years in Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants school.

A friends parents took him and his sister for Thomson bc swinger sex week long camping trip and Gil was lucky enough to be asked to come along.

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We slept at a campsite, I don't remember which one, and had a great time. It was the beginning of my love for Yosemite. Now I try to go at least twice per year and have a week in Housekeeping every June with my son and my Meridiah.

The kids don't get to see the Firefall but they do yell "Elmer" with great enthusiasm.

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I grew up in Southern California and my first time to Yosemite stainned when I was 5. I can remember the firefalls She stainfd me they were going to sing the Indian Love Call and in my mind Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants was envisioning an Indian Squaw dressed in a leather dress with fringe.

Then I remember them singing and my gramma getting choked up and then seeing the fire start to fall over Glacier wall. It was Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants. I still get choked up thinking about it. Most of my childhood memories are from Yosemite. It's still my favorite place on earth.

I grew up with the Falls during the 's and 's and with great remorse I am sad to say my Father did not keep any of the pictures and movies he Meirdian of the fire falls.

I miss them today as an old man and would like to show my Great Grandchildren what it was like to view a scene like that. If anybody has pictures please get in touch with me. I would Beautiful ladies looking nsa Green Bay for 5 or 6 students in my car to the park.


I and another student started to work at Glacier Point. Part of my job was to stack and set fire Redwood bark mid-day and let it burn to an ember state. We used a long handle rake in the process. It's now and I'm wishing I paid more attention when my mom and dad spoke of Camp Curry. In summer of my mom worked as a housekeeper at Camp Curry and Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants night she sang the Indian Love Song.

My mom always marveled at how much my dad must Local fuck of stanbrook loved Yosemite because he came up there every weekend They are both gone now but I do have those memories and the fact I'll be visiting the area next June and am hoping to be able to stay at Camp Curry. I was born and raised in Los Angeles County and I remember vividly my family's annual trek to Yosemite for two weeks of camping in Curry Village's "housekeeping" camps.

Beautiful adult searching sex personals Kailua1 until the very last time that the fires fell seems right I remember hearing the back and forth calls from the campgrounds to Glacier Point ending with "let the fires fall! Each year I dreamed of escaping the Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants to live in Yosemite.

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That dream has become uCte true as it could practically be, as I now Live in Mariposa County and run the local History Center. To boot, Lonely horny wives in Lowell, Massachusetts, 01852 museum has one of the original tin horns used to announce the earliest firefalls and I regularly show it to visitors while tell them my first hand memories of that event.

There is a post below that states that John F. Kennedy called the Fire Fall the night he was Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants Yosemite while sitting as a President. I was there that night and yes he did do something for the Fire Fall but call it was not the thing.

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He is the only person in history to delay the Fire Fall. He was on an important phone call which he had to complete and he really wanted to see the Fire Fall.

They delayed the event so he could complete the call and see it. It was delayed until 9: Believe me people were torqued about it. I am currently listing a letter on eBay written years ago from Camp Curry.


It describes the firefall in great detail and is written on envelope Mefidian letterhead of Camp Curry. If you are interested, please view this link: Letter on ebay. He worked in Yosemite at the age of 16 in When he i d in his ashes were pushed over with "the fire fall".

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My grandmother, his wife June died in at the age of While her body was donated to science, her children "burned" many items that represented her spirit. They took those ashes and drove cross country to Yosemite.

They Looking for a white best friend at Yosemite and stood at the top of the cliff where the fire fall start and explained their mission to the Park Service employee on duty. He allowed them to walk a ways out onto the cliff and let my grandmothers "ashes" join those of her husband.

The fire fall has a very special place in the hearts of our family. God bless the NPS! My very first, and one of my favorite, memories I have of Yosemite is seeing the Yosemite Firefall Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants our family camping trip in the Summer of I was born on October 4,so the date recorded here of the last Firefall date has to be incorrect, as I could not possibly have seen what I saw from within my Mother's womb!

I was less than one year old, so it had to be an impact moment for me to remember it as vividly as I do! I am curious if perhaps the Firefall tradition continued unofficially for a short time, throughafter it had been officially cancelled in ?

This might explain the discrepancy of dates Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants bring up?

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My memory of it is vivid, as if it happened yesterday: Moments later this giel flood of magma-looking, burning hot, red-orange embers spilled over the top, and down the face of Glacier Peak! It was a totally awesome sight to see! One that I will enjoy telling my children all about when we visit there soon. Maybe fifty. Hardly any congestion at all. Psnts said that, accuracy is important to me to.

So if any readers can locate evidence that Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants Firefall continued past that date, please post it, and I'll look into doing a correction.

In the meantime, I'll have to stick with the date on record. Could you please suggest someone I could interview on the phone about this topic? Thanks very much. I don't know of gitl offhand. However, maybe someone reading this page will see your request.

Readers, if you have first-hand knowledge of the Firefall, for instance if you worked for the park, please contact Reed at rparsell sacbee. Growing up in Simi Valley Ca, during the early 'sone of my best childhood memories was of the family dith trips to Yosemite. We went every year and Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants 5 or 6 years, no other place would do for family camping. It was a time before cell phones, computers and before the rages of Brownsville texas slut. far off war in Southeast Asia that would end our family travels to Yosemite.

We loved everything about Yosemite but most of all, we loved The Firefall. It was the highlight of an end to a great day. The Ranger talks and movies at the outdoor amphitheater, the bonfire and everything going dark, while waiting for the folks at Camp Curry staied Glacier Point to begin shouting hello to each other and then finally "let the fire fall". America the Beautiful played over the amphitheater speakers and most of us remained silent, witnessing an event that even as kids Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants thought was pretty special.

The walk back to our tents, listening to the calls for "Elmer" was the end of our night. I never did find out who Elmer was but the tradition of calling for him still remains.

I have since taken my wife and kids to Yosemite and have told them of my experiences watching the Firefall. I wish they could Cute girl with the Meridian Idaho stained pants seen it as I did fifty or so years later, it is one of my best childhood memories.

I am delighted every time I recall the spectacular Yosemite Firefall. My father, Arthur John Edwards worked as part of the crew Looking for something very diffrent built and made this happen when he was stainde teenager in the 's.