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Seeking domestic discipline partner

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Which specific plan of God's? Oh, you know, just that all women obey their husbands fastidiously — a dynamic that CDD thinks is best maintained through doling out out corporal punishments. Its few thousand practitioners, however, claim that it's not domestic abuse.

The Christian Domestic Discipline Yahoo! Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have Seeking domestic discipline partner trained by it.

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Women only duh! The group's description goes on to Seekinb, "We offer a LOVING approach to all domestix wish to learn and grow in a traditional Male, head of household, Greensboro girls fucking submissive, Christian Domestic Discipline relationship.

It's merely a "practice between two consenting life partners in which the head of the household HoH takes necessary measures to achieve a healthy relationship dynamic Here is a list of the "necessary measures," as culled from the Beginning Domestic Discipline "Beginner's Packet", which is 50 pages long it also includes photographs of ideal spanking positions, as well as of spanking implements, with a list of pros Seeking domestic discipline partner cons for each.

Beneath each "necessary measure" I've placed a quote Sewking illustrates how delusionally fucked-up it is:. According to the pamphlet, there are three components to the punishment process: I want to hear your Seeking domestic discipline partner of the story.

I just want to get to the bottom of what Seeking domestic discipline partner. Removing Privileges. The list of privileges that "can be removed" include credit card privileges, driving pattner, "going out with friends" privileges, computer privileges, phone privileges, and cosmetic privileges. This punishment is generally used when the privilege is being misused or abused, but it can also be a punishment for specific behaviors.

It can be used as motivation as well.

For example, "Before I pzrtner for work you said you'd Seeking domestic discipline partner all the laundry done, but it sounds like you've watched TV all day instead. No more TV until the laundry is finished. It's up to you as to when you get your TV privilege back. These are fairly typical "time outs," the sort of punishment a parent administers to a child in elementary school.

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Corner time is considered to be a reasonable and appropriate punishment to Seeking domestic discipline partner behaviors such as a poor attitude, failure to listen, nagging, light back talking, or any other minor behavior deemed immature, annoying, or completely uncalled for Seekint unnecessary by the head of the household. Seeking domestic discipline partner is, predictably, the longest section of the packet — it constantly reaffirms that the head of household "MUST be under control when administering a spanking," which is administered when "a mistake is made, or poor judgment is exhibited by the submissive partner.

Rubbing or providing a soothing pain reliever essentially defeats the purpose of a spanking.

The spanking must be painful to act as a strong deterrent to repeating the unwanted, dangerous, or detrimental behavior in the future. According to Jim Seeking domestic discipline partner, a forensic psychologist who has written a book on abuse in Christian homes, CDD is "an outlet for emotionally disturbed men with intimacy deficits"; it draws in "a more pathological group of people" because it infantilizes women the Beginner's Packet addresses concern this under Seekng section titled "Hesitations": However, Alsdurf characterizes CDD as "an act of Seeking domestic discipline partner sexual arousal" that's all-too-often done "in a controlling, mildly abusive way.

The submissive partner isn't expected to obey the dominant partner's wishes in every aspect of life. The dominant partner doesn't control the submissive partner's finances or leisure activities, and the dominant partner doesn't dictate completely when punishments should occur.

'Spanking for Jesus' Is Exactly as Fucked Up as It Sounds

Even if CDD is a displaced form of sexual arousal, it's one that reflects and severely intensifies an abusive power dynamic under the guise of a completely consenting relationship. Although it dates back toit's filled with entries from women who no longer enjoy the practice because it's transformed into a method of intimidation and control.

Seeking domestic discipline partner one post, an anonymous woman wrote that "spanking [has] worked too well. Seeking domestic discipline partner gone from something that brings us together to something that I am really afraid of. So afraid that I will do anything I can to avoid one.

I wanted the spankings to stop and my husband told me it was either DD and marriage or divorce I chose divorce. Disciplune the other hand, even for couples who don't explicitly experience the abusive dynamic as such, their aversion to seeing the practice as sexual leads to unsatisfying communication between the two. It's not surprising that a woman would unable domfstic articulate her needs within a CDD power dynamic, since she has little, if any, deciding power.

For instance, a woman named April took to the CDD advice blog to complain that that she'd assumed that DD "would be just what [she] was Horny Juneau guy looking for fwb for"; however, the lack of communication between herself and her husband had begun to infuriate her.

How am I supposed to respond when he thinks that a spanking will fix everything and reset things between us yet there's no discussion involved? And what about when a man makes a mistake? According to Seeking domestic discipline partner, a CDD practitioner, it's not the woman's job to point that out. According to the Beginning Domestic Discipline packet, the husband's means of addressing his own mistakes is to Seeking domestic discipline partner his wife a "very heart-felt and sincere apology", and then to "make a genuine, conscious effort to prevent the mistake from happening again.

Senator Bernie Sanders. Stephen King. Dean Koontz.

Strict couple M62 F39 both experienced disciplinarians seeking spankee female professional couple who Enjoy domestic discipline we can accommodate or. Christian Domestic Discipline, or CDD as its adherents call it, is a movement If the submissive partner asks, “What's my punishment going to be? she'd assumed that DD "would be just what [she] was looking for"; however. Christian Domestic Discipline, or CDD as its adherents call it, is a movement that It's recommended that the HoH essentially “walk” the submissive partner that she'd assumed that DD "would be just what [she] was looking for"; however, the.

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About seeking_discipline. Reddit Birthday July 9, ; Other Interesting Profiles. Want to make posts on your own profile? Sign up to test the Reddit post to profile beta. Sign up. Report User. about. blog about source code advertise jobs. help. site rules FAQ wiki reddiquette transparency contact us. Browse profiles of Female Spankee members here at Domestic Discipline Lifestyle that are tagged with Senior. Talking to others who have similar interests is a pefect way to come up with ideas to do once you are dating. divorced, lives alone. I love my career and am a leader in my role. I am seeking a dominant partner, loving and caring in. Desperately Seeking - Domestic Discipline on the fact that unless we can integrate the spanking and domestic discipline into our relationships we feel that we are not having a complete and fulfilling relationship. I truly face the dilemma of how to find a partner that will firmly manage me with a good dose of domestic discipline when.

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Thanks to Suellen Riley for bringing this statement Seeking domestic discipline partner Bill Moyers t I deeply admire our elder statesmen, historians, and commentators for Seeking domestic discipline partner guidance they give us. Let ciscipline write into law that presidents must reveal all their finances All intimate meetings with foreign adversaries require a witness and a record, and that the DOJ must be independent of presidential control. Further, the head of the FBI cannot be fired except for specific cause.

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Any candidate blatantly guilty of Seeking domestic discipline partner campaign finance laws shall be disqualified. That is a start. If these rules and laws are on the books, we can prevent the kind of disaster we are suffering now. I hope that whatever happens with Trump, we Seeking domestic discipline partner pass new laws and f Beneath each "necessary measure" I've placed a quote that illustrates how delusionally fucked-up it is: Sorry I couldn't copy the link but I wanted to get opinions on this.